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BOINC Wiki Distributed computing wiki - Doesn't really have to do with programming does it? BOINC is similar to folding@home. Perhaps a Timewaster?

TopCoder - Software Development Contests and holds Tutorials as well. Obscure categorization

"Free" Technology Academy [v] Courses which seem to require payment.... The free materials are perhaps decent, I have not looked over them in depth.

bit.ly/itguide /g/'s IT resources

The New Boston [v] Programming, Software Tutorials, Science Tutorials (YouTube channel) - Might go in General catagory

BetterExplained A blog containing tips in articles - Math, Programming, WebDev. Maybe another that should go under General

Google Code University - Seems like it can go under General for the variety of topics included

List of Compilers/IDEs[]

Microsoft Visual Studio Express - IDE General

wxDev-C++ / Dev-C++ - IDE

Code::Blocks - crossplatform C++ IDE

GCC - just a compiler

NASM - Netwide Assembler, just compiler

FASM - flat Assembler, IDE and compiler

Vim / Emacs / Notepad++ - Text editors that can be extended into an IDE

Eclipse - General IDE

Netbeans - General IDE

QTCreator - Cross Platform IDE

Computation Theory[]

Youtube - Real World Turing Machine

Play Hookey Basic Comp Thoery - Perhaps should go under "Engineering" page with "Electronics" because it doesn't have much emphasis on computing

learn-c.com Control & Embedded Systems

The Elements of Computing Systems

Youtube/ Coderisland - Intro to Theory of Computation (Advanced)


Google Code Search for code

Wolfram Alpha/Web & Computer Systems -

Programming TI calculators/BASIC [Often these calculators are the students' first glimpse to the programming world.]

Thinking in Java & Thinking in C++ [b] Contains links to two free BOOKS

Higher Computing for Everyone Teaches programming using the C language

{C}Carl Herold | Higher Computing For Everyone [e] Basics of Programming With Focus On C - Same as the link above

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python - Introduction to programming for absolute beginners, using the Python language {C}

Become a Programmer, Motherfucker

C, C++[]

Learn C++ [e] Starting C++

CProgramming.com C & C++

Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days

Youtube/ SkyeShatter [v]

cplusplus.com C++ reference & other site pages include tutorials


Javanotes [e] Starting Java

The Java Tutorials [e] Concise Java

MathCS.org Mathematics & Java

Codeacademy Learn JavaScript web applications coding in a simple an interactive way


Learn Python The Hard Way [e] Starting Python Book

Invent with Python [b] Beginner-level free Python book with a focus on game programming

Python.org/doc/ Python Documentation Index

The Python Tutorial

Learn Python tutorial

Online Python Tutor View python code executed step by step to see how it works (for people new to programming)


Learn You a Haskell for Great Good! Guide to Haskell

Real World Haskell Real Work Haskell


The basics of FORTRAN

Other Languages[]

dosprompt.info CMD Prompt Basics

Practical Common Lisp

MathCS.org Android

Programming Theory[]

YouTube/Berkeley's SICP video lectures

MIT's Structure & Interpretation of Computer Programs

Youtube - Structure & Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP) with Abelson & Sussman

A Layman’s Explanation of P=NP

Youtube/ MIT’s Introduction to Computer Science & Programming

Cellular Automata Comprehensive cellular automata site with lots of resources

Conway's Game of Life Cellular automata wiki

Practice exams for intro to CS University course

Carnegie Mellon's 15-112: Fundamentals of Programming - It has a syllabus and the schedule of the class containing what students have learned.

Practices / Challenges / Contests[]

Sphere Online Judge (SPOJ)

CodingBat Practice your Java and Python coding skills with the excersies. All compiling and code is run in on the server giving "real-time" responses!

Project Euler [e] Practice Coding (With Number Theory)

Web Development[]

Opera: Web Standards Curriculum Complete beginner to having a solid grounding in standards-based Web design, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development

MySQL Reference Manual [b]

Webdev Reference & Documentation From Mozilla

J-Query and Javascript tutorials [v]

Ruby on Rails Optimized open-source web framework

YUI Theater [v] Lectures on web technologies

W3Schools Web development tutorials on HTML, XML, scripting, services, and building.


Learn to Subnet Learn to Subnet

Beej's Guide to Network Programming A nice tutorial on programming with sockets. Inside is also how to make a simple server and client!

Linux / *nix[]

Compilation of Linux/Ubuntu Resources by Reddit

Slackware Linux Essentials [b] The slackware book is in essence a tutorial for installing and learning Slackware, which is considered to be one of the most learning intensive distributions of GNU/Linux available. There is a saying, "If you learn Redhat, you know Redhat. If you learn Slackware, you know Linux." If you take a quick glance through the ebook, you'll realize that anyone interested in Linux will find relevant information here such as partitioning hard drives, compiling the kernel and software. how to use bash, installing and editing windows managers and desktop environments, or managing network connections and protocols. The Slackware ebook is hands down the most important tool I came across as I began learning about Linux. -Anonymous

UNIX in 10 Minutes Starting Unix

The Linux Documentation Project

==Game Development ==

DirectX Tutorial Tutorial for learning DirectX, geared toward game development

The Ultimate Indie Game Developer Resource List A bunch of links for independent game developers

OpenGL Shading Language

OpenGL Tutorial


Cheat-Sheets Cheat sheets for many programming languages

DevCheatSheet Tons of cheatsheets for lots of programming languages, frameworks, editors, environments, and more

C++ Reference C++ Term Reference