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The Assayer Book Compilation

FreeBooks4Doctors Free medical/life science related books (mainly human and micro-biology) in several languages

Web Text[]

Serendip's Exchange Brain & Life Sciences Models Explored

AMNH Anthropology, Paleontology, Zoology Research

Strange Science History of Biology & Paleontology

Medical Microbiology From the University of Southern Carolina medical school

Beginners Genetics From MIT

primatology.net/ Primatology Resource

ocw.nd.edu/anthropology/primate-behavior University of Notre Dame - Primate Behavior

Human Origins What does it mean to be human?

Virtual Biology Lab

Hyper Biology Mind maps of concepts


Khan Academy [v] High-school biology

Brightstorm [v] High-school biology (Quite comprehensive for HS bio)

The New Boston[v] Basic Biology

Beginner Lab Techniques [v] From DIY Bio 4 Beginners

Anatomy dissections [v] From University of Wisconsin

Anatomy dissections [v] From University of Michigan

Cellular Process/Molecules


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Neuroscience for Kids Basic Neuroscience (Quite Comprehensive)

Serendip's Exchange Brain & Life Sciences Models Explored

Lectures on computational neuroscience Math-heavy lectures on the computational mechanics of the brain

Neuroanatomy pathways quizzes [e] Pathways

Fundamentals of neuroanatomy [v]


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Body Browser Google Body Browser (Anatomy)

3D Body Maps Pictures of various body parts (Anatomy)

Tools and Apps[]

Wolfram Alpha/ Life Sciences Knowledge Database/Computation Engine

Brain Explorer

BoxCar2D Simulated evolution of a car

PubMed Life Sciences/Medicine Journal Database & Tools

PhET Biology Java apps hosted by the University of Colorado

Problems & Challenges[]

Cell Biology [e] Problem sets and detailed answers with explanations

nrich/Biology Biology Math Challenge Problems


Scholarpedia Wiki with emphasis on computational neuroscience

Plos Open Access Science Journals, mostly biology/medicine related

Medical school notes Find the "Education" column and select the school year; a John Hopkins med student basically put up all his notes online

AllMed.tk A list of links related to medicine [I think we're going to integrate all their links on this page soon]

PubMed Life Sciences/Medicine Journal Database & Tools

Microbe Wiki The Student-edited Microbiology Resource

Bartleby Gray’s Anatomy

Erowid Unbiased, member-supported, informational site regarding psychoactive drugs, its effects, user-submitted "trip reports," and various drug-related resources

Open-Access Textbook Companions[]

May include animations, flashcards, PowerPoints, exercises, quizzes

Animations only Biology, 7th e., Raven, McGraw-Hill

Animations, flashcards, quizzes, exercises Life, 9th e., Sadava, W.H. Freeman

Animations, flashcards, quizzes Biology, 9th e., Mader, McGraw-Hill