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HBPMS Pure/Stats Math Book Compilation

Free Math Books Math books

The Assayer Math Book Compilation

homepages.nyu.edu Advanced Math Books, Lectures, Videos Compilation

MathOnline Undergraduate to Research Level Books (Searchable)

17thCenturyMaths Bunch of famous historical translated maths books mainly from the 17th & 18th century

Mathematics books (9GB) torrent At your own risk

Web Text[]

Betterexplained Some core math concepts explained intuitively

MathReference Primers on about every mathematical topic

Wikibooks/Mental Maths Mental Math

Purplemath [e] Basic-Intermediate Algebra

Maths for Morons Like Us[e] Basic - Intermediate Algebra

Virtual Math Lab [e] Basic-Intermediate Algebra

Dave's Short Trig Course Basic-Intermediate Trigonometry

Trig without Tears Basic-Intermediate Trigonometry (With emphasis on understanding)

Themathpage [e] High School Math

S.O.S. Math [e] Alegebra to Calculus

Harvey Mudd Math tutorials Precalculus through Linear Algebra

Paul's Online Math Notes Math Notes

AoPS/Alcumus [e] Learning system aimed at Gifted High Schoolers

Introduction to Logic [e] Beginner’s Logic

Introduction to Group Theory Also goes into Rubix Cubes

MathPages Some advanced topics (Ancient website layout)

Analysis Webnotes Undergrad Math (Analysis)

MathOnline [b] Undergraduate to Research Level Lecture Notes

MathCS.org Analysis

Book of Proof [b] Intro to how to mathematically prove

Blogic Online Logic Textbook

Statsoft [b] Statistics Online Book

The Little Handbook of Statistical Practice

SOCR Online Statistics Book

Multivariable Calculus and Vector Analysis

Common math errors

Cambridge Tripos example sheets

Basic Calculus ( Mathematics IA) - short ultimate basic calculus script

Linear equations (Mathematics IA)

Nonlinear equations (M IA)

Higher order equations (M IA)

Differential equations summary

Vector calculus

Numerical analysis

Approximation theory

Numerical Analysis University of South Florida


Khan Academy Arithmetic to Advanced (More emphasis on understanding)

PatrickJMT Arithmetic to Advanced (Less emphasis on understanding)

Brightstorm Algebra through Calculus

Youtube/derekowens Algebra to Calculus

Youtube/IntuitiveMath Algebra to Calculus

Youtube/njwildberger History, framework of mathematics & other topics

Midnight Tutors Calculus

The New Boston Math

Youtube/ MathTV Algebra through Calculus help

homepages.nyu.edu [b] Advanced Math Books, Lectures, Videos Compilation

A-Level Maths Revision (UK) videos detailing exam solutions (also past papers from Edexcel)


Elementary Statistics

Meaure-Based Probability Series

Game Theory 101 Series describing introductory game theory

An Introduction to Number Theory By Edward Burger, 24 lectures Calculus Lecture video series

Tools & Apps[]

Wolfram Alpha All math homework threads should be looked up here before posting

SOCR Shitload of Statistics apps, games & tools

Triangle Solver

Falstad Math Simulations/Applets

Multivariable calculus and vector analysis Readings on calc + Java simulations

PhET Math Java apps hosted by University of Colorado

Fractal Explorer With fractal explorer you can plot fractals and even make zoom videos from the mandelbrot set.


Getting to grips with LaTeX

Getting Started with LaTeX

MathURL Live LaTeX equation editing (can create links to each equation)

Detextify Draw characters in freehand to find its LaTeX character codes

TeXample.net Examples

TeX Users Group

MathIM Chat in LaTeX

AoPS/LaTeX LaTeX Reference

MathBin Pastebin with LaTeX ==Problems & Challenges==

Khan Academy/Exercises Basic - Intermediate Problem Generator (Click “Practice”)

nrich/Problem Generator Intermediate Math Problem Generator

Math Fun Facts Math paradoxes, theorems, puzzles, etc. explained such that a layman could understand

Senior Mathematical Challenge Papers [b] ‘88 - ‘09 Questions (Aimed at 16-18)

Cut the Knot Math Puzzles & Problems

Mathschallenge Math Puzzles & Problems

nrich/Maths Math Puzzles & Problems

Wikipedia/ Unsolved Problems in Mathematics Good luck, son

British Mathematical Olympiad Download the papers separately or most of them in this pack (Pack contains all BMO1 & BMO2 up to 2011; no IMO papers)


Lockhart's Lament Essay on the state of Math education

AoPS Math Advice

Mathematical Articles by Stan Brown

Terry Tao's Blog / Advice Writing in Mathematics

Tim Gowers/ Advice About using examples in writing

Wikipedia/ Mathematical Maturity

Elements of Math by Steven Strogatz Series of articles on various topics in math

Xamuel Logic and Math blog

Tips for Calculus Tips on doing well in a calculus course


Wolfram MathWorld Wiki-like articles


Geometry Formulas & Facts

E-Calc Math Help Math reference & cheat sheets

MacTutor History of Mathematics

Earliest Uses of Mathematical Words

Earliest Uses of Mathematical Symbols

Tricki Store of Problem Solving techniques

Map of Mathematics Visualise the huge discipline of mathematics

The Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences