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AMNH Astrophysics & Astronomy

universe-review.ca Background information about Space

compadre.org/student Physics/Astronomy Resource

Project Rho The Making of a (good) Sci-Fi Rocket

Khan Academy [v] Introduction to Astronomy & Cosmology

Basics of Astrobiology A reputable introduction to the fundamentals of astrobiology (was featured on NASA website, so not too hokey)

YouTube/SpaceRip Astronomy and cosmology videos

Heavens above Deals with every facet of the study of the sky, from tracking satellites, the ISS, meteors (and showers) and meteorites, to identifying the constellations and phenomena visible from your global location, and a much more Sky Map A highly detailed interactive map of the sky. Kind of amazing.

Dr. James Calvert Astronomy concepts, Meteorological Optics, Observation

YouTube/PhilHellenes The wonder of the natural universe, and the promotion of logic and the scientific method. Not an independent resource, but his material is too good not to be promoted.

N2Yo Space shuttle tracking

Astronomy Picture of the Day from NASA

Mark Thompson Astronomy Nice guide for amateur astronomers that are just starting out. Will have a forecasting page soon?

NASA's Radio Jove Project An educational/amateur radio astronomy program sponsored by NASA.

'Tools / Reference / Exercises'[]

Celestia 3D model of many stars in the Milky Way, complete with exo-planets, asteroids, comets, spacecraft, etc.

Stellarium Free program that allows you to explore the night sky. You can zoom in, out, turn the atmosphere off, remove ground, switch planets, toggle light pollution, etc.

exoplanet.eu/catalog.php The Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia

solarsystemscope.com 3D View of Solar System

WorldWide Telescope Allows you to view the night sky and gives information on galaxies, stars, and nebulae, As well as showing images from telescopes and guided tours.

Google Earth Galaxy to Street Viewer

wolframalpha.com Knowledge Database

Space Engine – Free Universe Simulator

Universe Sandbox (If willing to buy, cheaper on Steam | At your own risk:[1]Sandbox Universe demonoid)

Astrophysics Data System A digital library portal for researchers in Astronomy and Physics